Just wanted to drop a little note to say I’m on my way to Asia! I’m departing to Manila Philippines via Tokyo in about an hour. Just made it through the glacially slow security line in Calgary, once I got through, that’s when I realized I left my iPad charger in the hotel room. Oh well, luckily it’s a first world problem that’s easily fixed by throwing money at the problem.

My sister Lindsay, who’s an experienced traveller helped me re-pack last night, she took home about 6-7lbs of stuff, as seen below. That’s in addition to the 5-7 pounds I took about before I left Lethbridge. So now I’m much lighter and ready to go!

My trip has slightly changed from my last post. I’ve cancelled Turkey due to the recent bombings in Istanbul, which is disappointing. I’m doing the Philippines for 2 weeks, then on to Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos for 6 weeks, then I’m looking to do Australia and New Zealand, which is exciting.  That’s not planned yet, may do one or the other, may do both, may do none, I’ll play that by ear as I go along, who knows at the way I change plans I could end up in Russia. Should be interesting either way!

See you on the other side of the globe!



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